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Hi. Amy, 19. Art student. I like to blog, read, blog, and sleep and drink tea. And sometimes I like to do art things.

Exclusive: All Seven Seasons Of 'Gilmore Girls' To Be Released On Netflix »


i was actually no joke thinking about how gilmore girls should be on netflix this morning because i was wondering how i was going to watch gilmore girls when i am at university and now this is perfectttt

I enjoyed a moment of clarity today when I envisaged my future career as a professional photographer. But then it passed. 

i feel like i want to do a whole bunch of stuff. like i want to be an artist, a writer, a teacher etc. i also want to live abroad, maybe in spain, for a year just to experience life in spain. even if i have to work as a waitress and do other small jobs then i think it would be worth it. but if i want to live abroad i feel like i need to do it with friends which means i have to find friends who want to come with me and piss about in spain for a year.

you know when people say that to stay motivated you need to envisage your goals etc. but what if you don’t have a goal but you need to get through stuff. like uni, i think i like what I’m doing idk if i actually like it or its just because i now have to stick to it thats making me not like it. but i don’t know how to stay motivated through my degree if i have no idea what I’m doing or where i plan to go after my degree.